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Most Convincing UFO Sightings in Florida

Over time there has been an abnormally high number of UFO sightings in Florida. The State is definitely a hotbed for UFO activity; this could be due to it being the home of NASA Space Shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral.

Don’t forget that Florida forms one corner of the Bermuda triangle (the other two being from Bermuda and Puerto Rico). Does this make Florida one of the most likely places in the world to see a UFO? Many people would agree with this. You can choose to disregard the evidence or you can open your eyes to the possibility that there may in fact be things on this planet that cannot be explained.

1. Is there a Google cover up? Do they know something we don’t?

The first image appeared on Google maps. Not long after that the mysterious object was no longer there…. was this a Google cover up or just an image update? What was the unidentified object over this Florida housing community?

Florida UFO on Google Map

2. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office issue a report saying it is a balloon… does it look like a balloon to you?

This enormous, triangular shaped unidentified object with bright, glowing lights was captured on video over Florida. Several 911 calls later and the local sheriff’s office issue a statement saying that the object was a balloon. Make your own mind up by watching the video below: balloon or UFO?

This sighting is very similar to a triangular shaped object photographed in Belgium in 1989 (see photo below)

3. Edward Walters became infamous in 1987 when he claims a UFO tried to kidnap him!

Gulf Breeze in Florida became the focus point of the world in 1987 when a local man, Edward Walters, experienced a close encounter with a UFO. He was working late one evening when he saw a bright object through his window. Stepping outside to get a better view he claims that as soon as he saw the object it saw him. Grabbing his Polaroid he took the photo below however a blue beam of light shot down and raised him off the floor. Voices told him that they would not hurt him… then he woke up on the floor and the UFO had gone.

You can learn more about Ed’s unidentified Florida object encounter here, or you can watch the reconstruction video.

4. West Pensacola Florida, April 2007

A retired Marine Corps Pilot noticed a dark object in front of a the cloud formation when reviewing photographs on his PC. His wife had been taking photos of low flying planes and clouds when this UFO was accidentally snapped. The shape and colour of the object is not consistent with it being a cloud.

5. STS 48 NASA Mission

The famous NASA Space Shuttle Mission in September 1991 produced over 500 hours of video collected while Discovery orbited. The following footage is taken from a night flight over Florida. About 34 seconds into the video an object comes up near to the shuttle and then disappears.

6. Tallahassee Florida, September 2005

On the 9th of September 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida a man and his wife were led in the back of a truck stargazing when the man noticed what appeared to be a bright star. He focused in on it with his camera and soon realised that it was not a star and that is was in fact a UFO. Many experts have looked at this video and confirmed that it is authentic and that no special effects were used.

Unidentified Flying Object or Unidentified Florida Object. For those people who have experienced close encounters in the sunshine state they would probably argue that they both have the same meaning!

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