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A good picture is worth a thousand pounds . . .

Is it time to invest in professional images for your vacation home?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I say a good vacation home picture can be worth a thousand pounds. A pretty bold statement you might think, but please allow me to explain the madness.

Stand out from the crowd with twilight images of your Florida villa – by Orlando Interior Photography

Let’s take the example of a typical vacation rental, which let’s say for arguments sake is a 4 Bedroom Villa in the heart of Orlando in Windsor Hills resort. A typical one week rental will cost in the region of £800 for one week. Let’s say, for arguments sake, that this home averages 26 weeks of rentals throughout the year, yielding revenue of £20,800 per year.

Research has shown that having great photography of your vacation home can increase enquiries and subsequent bookings tremendously. You have a small window of opportunity to capture the attention of your potential traveler. Further research puts this window as low as just 6 seconds. If your photographs are no good, then how do you really expect to keep that travelers attention? Correct, you lost them as soon as they saw your dull, boring image of the front of the villa!

Before and after. No matter how spectacular your villa a dull front image will not tempt your guests to look inside.

Ok, back to our example then. Let’s say you manage to increase your bookings from 26 weeks per year to 30 weeks per year. This is a very conservative estimate and I have witnessed owners go from as little as 15 weeks per year to 40 weeks per year after using professional photographs to advertise their home.

Let’s do the sums on our example. We now have an additional 4 weeks of rentals, which equates to an additional £3,200 of revenue per year. We haven’t even touched on the fact that once you advertise your home with professional photographs you can now charge more per rental for your home.

If you only own your vacation home for 7.5 years this is an additional revenue of £32,000. Most owners use around 24 images of their home, if not, you should be! Direct Villas Florida include unlimited images in their listing package so it’s not going to increase your cost by showcasing more! This means that each of those beautiful new images of your fabulous vacation home has earned you an additional income of £1,000. The average professional photo shoot is going to cost you from £5 to no more than £20 per image, which is an incredible rate of return for such a simple investment.

Oh yes, before I forget, let’s imagine for some reason you need to sell your vacation home. You now have professional images to help sell your investment and you can almost guarantee you will at least have double the amount of interest from potential buyers.

If by any chance you still doubt the power of great photography then I challenge you to jump on – pick a destination at random and scroll through the listings. I almost guarantee that you will quickly dismiss any property with poor photographs and be simply drawn to any property with beautiful images. Price will slowly become less and less important as you struggle to find a home with pictures that capture your attention.

Professional equipment and artificial lighting can help balance lighting.

If like many you feel that you can capture amazing photographs with your own camera and don’t wish to waste $199 on professional images, then I wish you the best of luck. However, the fact remains that real estate photography is not easy and many underestimate the difficulties involved in capturing a perfectly balanced photograph. The ability to balance bright sunlight streaming through a Florida window with the darker interior is almost impossible without the use of professional equipment and artificial lighting.

Without going into the technical details of a professional photo shoot, I can tell you that it is time consuming if done properly. Photographing our 4 bedroom villa in Windsor Hills is going to take a minimum of 2 hours, which does not include that post processing work involved to perfect the images on a computer. Software will correct any lighting issues, while allowing the professional photographer to remove any distractions in the photograph.

Before and after bedroom shots from Orlando Interior Photography

In the current world of social media and web marketing it is becoming more and more important to stay ahead of the competition. There are at least 30,000 vacation homes in Orlando alone. If you are lucky to own one of these homes then ask yourself a very honest question.

Everybody thinks they own the best vacation home in Florida, but why do you think your home is better than anyone else and do your pictures honestly show off those qualities in the best possible light?


Orlando Interior Photography has become one of the leading providers of professional vacation home photography in Orlando.

Prices start as low as just £99 and go up to less than £199 for larger homes. Additional twilight pictures can be ordered for only an additional £35.

We are currently offering Direct Villas Florida registered owners a 15% discount on our 2015 website rates. Please quote your Direct Villas ID number when contacting us to receive that great discount.


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by Russell Hart of Orlando Interior Photography. February 2015

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