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Disney Mini Golf.

Located off Buena Vista Drive, and opposite Disney’s fabulous Dolphin Resort, Fantasia Mini Golf is nestled into a quiet corner of Disney World, Florida.
Whether you are a seasoned golfer with an appetite for competition or a family or group of friends looking some fun in the sun, Fantasia Golf with its two very distinct courses has something for every one.
Car parking is free, and leaves you a short walk to the entrance. Adorned with yes you guessed another statue of Mickey Mouse, the entrance consists of a small kiosk, toilets and details of the two courses available for play.
To the left is the Fantasia Fairways Course. Do not be fooled by the name, this is not for the faint hearted or indeed any groups looking for some brightly coloured highly inventive and quirky environment in which to enjoy yourself. No this 18 hole course consists of long fairways, bunkers and other hazards. With its lengthy holes The Fantasia Fairways Course is like nothing I had seen before, and nor had my family looking at their faces of horror. Simply put this course is a challenge, but a fun, one which makes you think, a welcome change from just hitting your ball towards the hole.  Yes it can be frustrating with the long fairways of astro turf, they are both fast and very undulating, but this all adds to the game. Then when you reach the green identified by the darker colour of the flooring, you must judge the speed and contours to sink that put before moving on.
My advice to anyone visiting Fantasia Golf for the first time, is take a look at The Fantasia Fairways Course before you make your decision.
So now to the Fantasia Gardens course, located to the right of the entrance, this course is in keeping with the ‘crazy golf’ experience, that people of all ages and abilities have come to love. As would expect from Disney though, this is not an ordinary 18 hole crazy golf course, oh no here you never quite know what is going to happen next. Taking it’s inspiration from Disney’s classic film Fantasia, Fantasia Gardens is a colourful escape with some dynamic interaction between player and surroundings, which will not only get your attention, but it will also keep you guessing. For those good or fortunate players amongst your group, they will be rewarded for their clever or lucky shots, with a rendition of music!
With its inclines, moving structures and colourful surroundings and all round fun factor, the Fantasia Gardens course, and Walt Disney World, is a must for budding golfers and those just looking for that bit of silly enjoyment.
At the conclusion of your round, you will be rewarded with a limited edition ball, a great gesture from the guys at Disney World Resort, Florida.
Both courses have foliage around them, so I would advise taking some repellent if you choose to go later in the day. In contrast, if you intend visiting any time around early to late afternoon, sunscreen and a hat are a must, as is a large bottle or two of water.
Both courses are open daily from 0700 to 2300, and the cost at the time of writing this article is/was $12+tax per adult, and $10+tax for younger player aged 9 and under.
Go on have some fun on the golf course at Fantasia Mini Golf at Walt Disney World, Florida, it’s magical!

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