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To ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from our site, we are going to create a number of articles aimed at specific aspects of your listing. The first explores and explains the power of branding your property correctly. When advertising via the Internet, branding is one of the most important considerations, due mainly to the sheer numbers of similar competitive products. So how do you make your property stand out from the crowd?

You need to make your property’s brand name as unique as possible. This will assist in all manner of ways. Firstly it will get your property noticed and more importantly remembered, then there are the effects of those all important search engines. We have found that by adding the word ‘villa’ to the end of a name which otherwise is fairly generic, could make all the difference when searching the Internet. This simple addition, breaks up what otherwise is a name, which could be relative to, or describing a whole host of other products all of which then become competitors in the race to feature as high as possible on the search engines.
If you choose to make any changes to your property’s name ensure that you do so on all of the rental sites on which your villa is listed.
Give it a go, simply type in your existing property name as featured on Direct Villas Florida, and see what it returns. Many of owners will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of exposure afforded to their villas etc. Others however, may not be so fortunate.
At the top of our homepage is a search box. This enables renters to find their ideal property using specific keywords or phrases. Once a search phrase/word is submitted, all listings containing matching text, will be displayed. This means that the more unique features you mention within the body of your listing, the more chance you have of being found.
As an example, we recently had a call from a potential renter, who was looking for a villa, which had no rear neighbours, and was not overlooked in any way. The lady explained that she had been searching for such a villa for some time without success, even though she had actually taken the time to call some of the ‘larger’ rental sites, the owners/employees of which had informed her that they could not assist her?
After only a couple of minutes we helped the caller find a number of properties listed on our site, simply by using some keywords in the aforementioned search box.
So if you have a south facing pool, view over a golf course or a view over your pool from the master bedroom, its worth mentioning. Remember people search for all kinds of things when looking for a rental property.

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