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The Biggest In Florida 2013

Florida is well known for doing things bigger and occasionally better than most other places, but what has been big in the Sunshine State in 2013? 

9th February 2013 Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Carnival Freedom Cruise liner set sail from the east coast of the Sunshine State with over 3000 passengers aboard, but this was no ordinary cruise. After reaching international waters, all passengers were given the green light to remove their clothing…..this was the start of the largest naked cruise ever to take place over eight days.


The Largest Ever Naked Cruise


May 2013 Lake County, Orlando.

Following numerous reports from local residents of  large paw prints left near upturned garbage cans, officials set to work in a effort to trap the offender. However, little did they know that the owner of those paw prints was a 620 pound (44.2 stone) Black Bear.

Mike Connolly a bear trapper was the brave guy who set to work by creating an irresistible tasty treat for this gigantic animal, who had a desire for the left overs of  residents in the Paisley Neighbourhood.  Once caught, the bear was tagged before being released into the Ocala National Forest. This big cuddly black bear, was the largest ever captured in the history of the state of Florida.


The Largest Black Bear Ever Captured In Florida


May 2013, Miami -Dade County, Florida.

Staying with all the super animal theme,  Jason Leon unwittingly became a Florida record holder, thanks to an enormous Burmese Python which he spotted whilst out driving.

However the creature was not going to give up easily. Having grabbed the snake behinds it’s head as it entered nearby scrub, it instinctively being wrapping its huge body around Jason’s leg. Although Jason had experience of handling snakes, he realised that he needed assistance and finally over came the monster snake.

Measuring a huge 18.8 feet, the Burmese Python is recorded as being the longest snake of its kind captured in Florida.


Record Breaking Burmese Python


August 2013 Universal Studios, Orlando.

Universal Studios biggest expansion continues to build on the success of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Following its opening in the neighbouring Universal Islands of Adventure theme park in 2010, the expansion of one of the most popular theme park attractions in Orlando is getting bigger and no doubt better and includes what is expected to be a fabulous Harry Potter themed hotel.

9th October 2013 Aventura, Florida.

The annual chocolate festival at the Aevntura Mall, was a must for the lovers of all things chocolate this October, especially in light of the creation of the worlds largest chocolate mousse. The 496 pound desert was awarded the prestigious Guinness World Record status after it was verified that it beat the existing record of 313 pounds.

The huge desert generated thousands of dollars in revenue, all of which was donated to a local charity.


The Worlds Largest Chocolate Mouse



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